Counting & Cardinality

**Prices listed were the prices at the time the app was added to my list.  Note that prices may change at any time.

NEW!  Math Adventures - Number Find Lite Version (Favorite)  
Price: FREE
Seller:  Art Ploeger
Information: A great app to ensure children understand the patterns of numbers 1-100 within a 100s chart.  The game starts off with the traditional setup of the numbers within the chart, but as you go into the advanced version it will switch the orientation so that children have to understand the pattern instead of blindly following a routine.

NEW!  A Montessori Approach to Math - Hundred Board Lite+
Price: FREE
Seller:  Rantek Inc.
Information: This app gives children practice counting to 100 as well as placing numbers in a 100s chart.

Price: $0.99
Seller:  Dual Matrix Inc.
Information: Children count butterflies on trees, up to 100, by waking up the caterpillar that turns into a butterfly and flies away.  The "Free Play" lets children click random butterflies, while the "Quest Play" has children find the numerals on the caterpillars in order from 1-100.

NEW!  NumberLand+
Price: $4.99
Seller:  Les Trois Elles
Information: In this app, children get to explore a world created around each number 1-0 (starts with 1 and works up through 9 and then 0).  There are lots of things to discover in each land.  I like that they have children wait to explore zero until after they understand what 1, 2, etc are, because zero is a hard concept for young children to grasp.  This is a cool app for young learners as they get to explore on their own terms, but at $4.99 not sure the educational value you get is worth it.

123 Fun:Write & Learn counting numbers LITE +
Price: FREE
Seller:  Jariya Tuantranont
Information: In this app, children order numbers (and I like that it does not always start at 1), do     shape patterns, identify amounts, numbers, and number words.  There is also matching games where children match the number with the word or a picture of that amount.  There is the ability to customize the range of numbers.

Arithmaroo 1: A counting math game for kids  (Favorite)
Price: $1.99
Seller: Icanology LLC
Information: This app helps build children’s ability to subitize.  Level 1 starts off great (numbers 5 and less), but when I got to Level 2 (numbers up to 10) the way that some of their “dot patterns” were arranged did not facilitate seeing groups and instead I was back to counting one-by-one.  However, I do like that they use the dot patterns as well as finger patterns (just wish the dot patterns were arranged in more useful ways).  Another fun feature is at the top of the screen it shows if you are a Kangaroo(Fast), a Salamander(Medium), or a Turtle(Slow) while you are solving each one.  The goal with subitizing is to be a Kangaroo each time (by instantly recognizing) instead of a Turtle (counting).

Butterfly Math+
Price: $1.99
Seller: Pyzia LLC
Information: Butterfly Math has multiple activities within it, including Counting, Compare, Sequence, as well as the four operations.  I like the openness of the app.  For instance, in the Compare game the children are not just putting in the greater than or less than symbol.  The problem is basically like this 3 < ∆ and the children decide how many butterflies to put into the empty cage to make it a true statement.  Even within the operation games it helps develop some great relationships.  In Level 3 of the addition game children have to empty cages and they can decide how many butterflies to put in each, but it has to create the “total” that is given.

Counting with the Very Hungry Caterpillar+
Price: $1.99
Seller: Night & Day Studios, Inc.
Information: How can you not like The Very Hungry Caterpillar???  Level 1 starts out with helping children develop the One-to-One Tagging (every time I touch, I say a number) and works into children having to “eat” a given amount of each food.

Happi 123 HD - A Math Game for Kids (iPad)
Price: $1.99
Seller: Serendipity Computing AB
Information: Fun app that helps children develop their counting abilities, along with One-to-One Correspondence (showing 4 fingers to match the 4 ghosts).  Also builds subitizing through the use of domino dot patterns and finger patterns.  Uses the patterns to develop addition some of the games.

i Learn with Boing: Savannah Adventures!
Price:  FREE, but has an in-app purchase if you want the full version of the app
Seller: Tribal Nova
Information: The only trouble with this game is that it is more fun to get a wrong answer than the right one.  I found myself intentionally getting the answer wrong just so I can see the meerkat hit himself on the head with the board.  In all seriousness, I do wish this app had a feature to customize or possibly the ability to skip ahead.  It takes too long to get to the next level within the games.

Jake’s Never Land Pirate School+
Price: FREE
Seller: Walt Disney
Information: The “school” within this app is pirate school.  The kids fly with pixie dust, play music in a pirate band, and steer ships in the sea.  There is occasional mathematics where kids will hear Jake counting objects, but the child never has to.  In the ‘Map & Spyglass Class’ there is some positional words that help children try to locate objects.

JewelRiver - Preschool and Kindergarten Math Game (iPad)
Price: $3.99
Seller: KinderTown, Inc
Information: This app is truly a Subitizing app.  It shows an amount of jewels that you need to collect and then that picture disappears.  The first few times the outline stays there as a help for kids, but later the outline is no longer there.  I also like that it does not count each jewel as the child places it in the basket.  It helps children see 4 as an entire set, not always as 1,2,3,4.

Marble Math Junior+
Price: $1.99
Seller: Artgig, LLC
Information: Kids tilt the device in order to navigate a ball through a maze to find mathematical items.  For instance, they have to get the ball to all the items that show a certain number, or hit numbers in order from least to greatest, etc.  The app has nice customizable features and the different levels extend up to working within 1,000, doing multiplication, fractions, money, and time.

MathGirl Number Garden (Favorite)
Price: $0.99
Seller: Icanology LLC
Information: This app is exactly like Arithmaroo (made by the same company) except the visuals that are used in this app are flowers and the finger patterns are gardening gloves.  I have the same issues with the patterns used as I did in Arithmaroo, however this app is easier to progress to the next level than in Arithmaroo. Or maybe I just did a better job at being a Bunny (fast) and did not have as many where I was a Snail (slow). :)

Math Easy HD - 10 Steps Learning Game (iPad)
Price: $1.99
Information: Math Easy has a variety of math games within the one app.  From having kids count the letters in words and find the corresponding number to doing Part-Part-Whole activities with Elephants, each activity has some good math concepts.  As an adult using it, I was bothered by the directions being read EVERY time you go to play the activity (maybe that won’t bother kiddos).  Also, when doing the ordering tasks it does not give children feedback when they place each item, only once everything is put in a place it tells them if they are correct or not.  If they are incorrect it does not give them any hints or suggestions.

Motion Math: Wings+ (Favorite)
Price: FREE, but has in-app purchases to get different levels/concepts
Seller: Motion Math
Information: Tilt your device to the set that has the most most objects.  The objects are organized into arrays which makes it easier for kids to determine the total amount in each set, but when playing the game they actually do not have to know the total amount they just have to know which set has the most.

Number Sense+
Price: $0.99
Information: Kids play games in which they collect balls and then feed them to a monster, connect the dots to create pictures, select numbers that are biggest and/or smallest, creating sets that are more/less/equal, and connect train cars to create a certain number of cars.

Numerate: Count, Add, and Subtract (iPad)
Price: $0.99
Seller: Todd Mariani
Information: Has children count objects for the numbers 1-20.  Also has an Addition and Subtraction section that the child can use visual objects to help them model the problem.  There is a Parent/Child and a Child version within the app.

Park Math+
Price: $1.99
Seller: Duck Duck Moose, Partnership
Information: Blue Bear travels through the park helping students learn to count, add, subtract, balance amounts, sort from small to large, and complete patterns.  Three different levels of play.

Pattern Sets (Favorite)
Price: $0.99
Seller: Randy Hengst
Information: This app displays “Quick Images” of dots and then covers them.  The child has to determine how many were shown and then select the correct numeral to correspond with that amount.  This app builds subitizing for kids and helps them visualize the patterns.

Sam Phibian+
Price: FREE
Seller: Three Communication Design, LLC
Information: Children get to help Sam catch his favorite bugs, but only certain amounts.  If he eats too many he gets too large and falls off his lily pad and gets eaten by the crocodile.  But if kids are like me, they will make Sam eat more than he is supposed to just to see him get larger and larger and fall into the water.

Secret Numbers+
Price: $0.99
Seller: Christopher Bayne
Information: Simple game of “Guess My Number.”  One you guess a number it tells you if the Secret Number is higher or lower.  However, children have to be able to read because the clues are written on the screen, not read out loud.

TallyTots™  (iPad)  (Favorite)
Price: $2.99
Seller: Spinlight Studio
Information: This simple app deals with numbers 1-20.  It shows the numeral, then counts up to that number, and shows a visual picture of that amount.  There is also a screen to have them practice counting up to 100.

Subitizing Flash Cards (iPad)
Price: $1.99
Seller: Aleesha Kondys
Information:  Multiple activities in this app, but all centered around getting kids to subitize (instantly recognize how many without having to count).  I don’t like how they fill their ten frame (for details on that see my comments about their app Friends of Ten).  I also don’t like how in their ten frame for this app the kids don’t actually put in an answer, they double tap and it shows them the answer.  The cool feature I LOVE about this app is the teacher tool.  You can create your own subitizing cards and save them to your photo library so you can do some quick images activities.

Team Umizoomi Math: Zoom into Numbers (iPad)
Price: $3.99
Seller: MTV Networks
Information: Geo, Milli, Bot, and You!  How can you go wrong with an app that encourages your kids to build their MIGHTY MATH POWERS!  The activities in the app help children count objects, identify numerals, find the larger/smaller number, order numbers, and add/subtract.  Besides getting to play with Milli, my daughter loves that she earns badges along the way.


  1. Another interesting Math app is here. :)

    I would also like to suggest Math Champ to be added in your list. Math Champ Challenge (Common Core Standards) is the latest educational game from award winning INKids Education. It is designed to help strengthen understanding of Common Core mathematical standards for middle school children (Grades 4-7).

    Math Champ Challenge includes over 2,500 questions across grades 4 to 7 covering ALL Common Core State Standards. During play questions are randomly selected from within each Standard (providing a balanced mix of content from all Domain Standards for each grade). Every game is different, but will always include a suitable mix of content comparable from game to game (and player to player).

    More info here: