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On this site teachers upload units, lessons, and other materials they have created.  There are for sale, but there are many items that you can download for free.

Edmodo is billed as Facebook for educators.  You can set up a classroom page and then post info about what is happening each week.  Parents (or older students) can create an account and join your classroom page to see the updates.

Okay, so I kept putting off joining Pinterest because I heard how addicting it can be.  I finally joined and yes, it is addicting, but it has so many wonderful ideas.  I am just starting, but you can follow me at

NEW! (Favorite)
Airserver allows you to mirror what is on your IOS device to a Mac or PC.  This enables you to hook your computer to a projector so that you can work wirelessly with your iPad in your classroom.  Once you download the application onto your computer, you double-click the "home" button on your iPad and swipe over to the AirPlay button and you will see your computer show up as one of the options.  Not only does this application allow you to work wirelessly, it also allows your students to project what is on their device with just a few clicks.  (Favorite)
Every day the author of this site posts a new math problem. All the problems are in a context and she has different levels, for Wee Ones, Little Ones, and Big Ones. The problems are NOT to be done sitting at a table with paper and pencil.  They are designed for parents to discuss with their children at bedtime, which encourages mental math strategies. This site is great for parents and as a teacher you can use these tasks as “homework,” but I would make sure to send home directions on how to use these tasks and how NOT to use these tasks. The author has a great description on her website about this under “How to Do Bedtime Math.” 

This is one of my favorites because it is useful as a teacher, but also as a parent. This site reviews apps, websites, books, TV, movies, music, etc. They rate each item based on quality and on learning. They give you information ranging from Ease of Use to Violence to Privacy & Safety. You can select items by categories (Apps, Movies, etc), topics (math, reading, etc), age, and multiple other filters. 

This site is full of Interactive WhiteBoard (IWB) activities. 

This site is from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and is a wonderful resource full of lessons and virtual activities. 

My favorite site out there for K-5 Math. This site is full of amazing resources for elementary math teachers. From assessments to activities to math read-alouds. 

This site is from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) for parents and has links on how to help with homework and how math education is changing, among others.
The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives is organized by grade band and concept. (NOTE: This site has changed to
SaveYouTube allows you to download any YouTube video into a file you can place on your computer or jump drive. This allows you to show any YouTube video without being on the internet and without all the “suggested” videos that pop up while on the YouTube site.
You can find videos on YouTube to teach you about a concept or to use as an introduction into something you are teaching your students. Most schools block YouTube, so you also need to use the SaveMedia site (see above).

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