Fact Fluency Practice

**Prices listed were the prices at the time the app was added to my list.  Note that prices may change at any time.

NEW! Deep Sea Duel (Favorite)
Price:  FREE
Seller: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Information: The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics developed this app.  It not only gives kids a fun way to practice addition but also their problem solving as they determine which numbers are the best to choose within the game.

NEW! Operation Math Code Squad (Favorite)
Price:  $2.99 
Seller: Spinlight Studio
Information: The thing I like most about this app is that up to 4 kids can play at the same time.  A child can be on each side of the iPad and in the middle a problem appears.  The players race to be the first to tap in their answer.
Addition Frenzy+
Price:  $1.99
Seller: MPS Multimedia, Inc
Information: In this app you choose numbers that will add together to make a target amount.  The nice part of this app is that you can use multiple numbers to get to your target.  When making 14, you can use 9+1+4 or lots of other combinations.

Arithmetic Invaders Express: Grade K-2 Math Facts
Price:  FREE 
Seller: Natasa Gajic
Information: Great app for practicing counting and addition/subtraction facts.  In each level there are four alien ships trying to land, the child has to blast the ship that corresponds to the “answer” on the laser.  I like that the counting activities have the sequences starting at a variety of numbers (not always 1).  One word of note, you cannot pick what level you want the child to start at.  Every child starts at the “counting forward” level and as they solve each level the next level is unlocked.

Price:  FREE 
Seller: GreenGar Studios
Information: A fun way to practice their facts!  I like that it is not just flashcards asking the kids to fill in the right answer.  It has equations and you have to determine if they are correct or incorrect...that takes a bit more brain power.

EveryDay Mathematics® Addition (or Subtraction) Top-It™+ 
Price:  $1.99 
Seller: McGraw-Hill School Education Group
Information: A fun game to practice addition or subtraction tasks (there are two different apps).  Two cards are dealt to each player, they add (or subtract) the amounts on their cards and then compare their final amounts with their competitors.

Fetch! Lunch Rush
Price:  FREE 
Seller: PBS Kids
Information: Fetch! gives problems that the kids have to solve, but the fun part of this app is that kids do no type in their answer.  You download a set of card that you print off, cut up, and then place around the classroom.  The kids have to run around to find the answer to their task and point the iPad at the card (which are Augmented Reality Markers) and it will tell them if they are right or not.

Price:  $0.99 
Seller: David Mauro
Information: This game is like Addition Frenzy but you get to choose what number you want to work on making combinations for.  Kids select numbers that will add together to create that amount.

Math Bingo+
Price:  $0.99 
Seller: ABCya.com, LLC
Information: Kids get to practice their math facts by finding the answer to a task within the bingo board.  They try to get five-in-a-row to win the Bingo game.  The background in this game is very neutral so kids of all ages will enjoy working in the app.

Math Bingo for Kids+
Price:  FREE 
Seller: Ngo Van Luyen
Information: This Bingo game is similar to the other, but it has a nature theme to the background that young kids might enjoy more...plus it is free.

Math Blaster HyperBlast 2+
Price:  FREE, but has in-app purchases to get to other concepts besides addition. 
Seller: Knowledge Adventure
Information: CAUTION...This game is more of an arcade game than a math game.  Kids race through trying to shoot objects and then every once in awhile some math problems appear.  I enjoyed playing the game, but even I got annoyed when the math problems popped up because I wanted to keep playing the game.  This is one of the apps that might just get reluctant learners involved in doing some math, but the math is pretty scarce.

Math Easy HD - 10 Steps Learning Game (iPad)
Price:  $1.99
Information: Math Easy has a variety of math games within the one app.  From having kids count the letters in words and find the corresponding number to doing Part-Part-Whole activities with Elephants, each activity has some good math concepts.  As an adult using it, I was bothered by the directions being read EVERY time you go to play the activity (maybe that won’t bother kiddos).  Also, when doing the ordering tasks it does not give children feedback when they place each item, only once everything is put in a place it tells them if they are correct or not.  If they are incorrect it does not give them any hints or suggestions.

Math Evolve: A Fun Math Game+
Price:  FREE
Seller: Zephyr Games Inc.
Information: In this app, the player has an alien that collects the correct answer to a task.  You have lots of options so that you can customize the app.  Plus you can have multiple users and can track their progress.

Math vs Zombies+  by Tap To Learn
Price:  FREE
Seller: June Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
Information: The Zombies are coming!  To save the Earth children have to shoot the zombie that has the correct answer to the task. (May not be appropriate for a school setting.)

Motion Math: Hungry Fish+  (Favorite)
Price:  FREE, but with in-app purchases to get all the levels
Seller: Motion Math
Information: Kids select bubbles with numbers to add up to the amount on the fish.  Also has subtraction game as well.

Murky Reef - Math for 1st Grade & 2nd Grade (Favorite)
Price:  $1.99
Seller: Nirupama Bala
Information: These two apps (1st grade & 2nd grade) have multiple concepts that they address.  You can choose which one you want the kid to work on.  You can enter multiple kids and keep track of their progress.

Numbers League (iPad)  (Favorite...Awesome App)
Price:  $3.99
Seller: Bent Castle Software, LLC
Information: Not only is this app fun, but it builds some powerful math ideas.  Kids build a team of superheroes and can use the “sum” of their powers to capture villains.

Operation Math™+
Price:  FREE
Seller: Spinlight Studio
Information: This is another game that is more for reluctant learners as the math is buried beneath the spy game operation that is the focus of this app.

Rocket Math+
Price:  FREE
Seller: Dan Russell-Pinson
Information: Kids fly a rocket through the sky by selecting correct answers.  If they select a wrong answer their rocket will fall back to Earth.

Sail Through Math
Price:  $1.99
Seller: McGraw-Hill School Education Group
Information: Kids practice their facts aboard a pirate ship by selecting the right answer to a task and if they are right all the cannons shoot.

Splash Math (Grade 1 & Grade 2)+
Price:  FREE, but lots of in-app purchases for different concepts
Seller: StudyPad, Inc.
Information: Splash Math apps have lots of concepts you can practice.  However, it is just practice.  Kids will need to develop some place value understanding before they do the tasks in these apps.