**Prices listed were the prices at the time the app was added to my list.  Note that prices may change at any time.

10 Frame Fill+ (Favorite) 
Price: FREE
Seller: Randy Hengst
Information: The ten frame partial fills with an amount and the child has to determine how much more is needed to fill the 10 Frame.  There are manipulatives the child can use to fill the frame if needed, but they can go straight to picking their answer.

Butterfly Math+ 
Price: $1.99
Seller: Pyzia LLC
Information: Butterfly Math has multiple activities within it, including Counting, Compare, Sequence, as well as the four operations.  I like the openness of the app.  For instance, in the Compare game the children are not just putting in the greater than or less than symbol.  The problem is basically like this 3 < ∆ and the children decide how many butterflies to put into the empty cage to make it a true statement.  Even within the operation games it helps develop some great relationships.  In Level 3 of the addition game children have to empty cages and they can decide how many butterflies to put in each, but it has to create the “total” that is given.

EveryDay Mathematics® MonsterSqueeze™+
1Seller: McGraw-Hill School Education Group
Information: Players take turns guessing the secrete number and the octopus squeezes on the number line to show the numbers that have been eliminated if the guess was too high or too low.

Fast Facts Early Add+ (Favorite)
Price: $1.99
Seller: Mitchell Mark
Information: First thing to note is that there is an option at the end that you can email the very detailed report on how the did on the activity and there is an option to just practice the “missed facts.” Second thing to note is this app uses 10 Frames starting with subitizing and then moving into addition.  The only thing missing in this app is the ability to keep track of multiple kids.

Friends Of Ten+
Seller: Aleesha Kondys
Information: Multiple activities in this app, but all centered around the 10 Frame.  The only issue I have with this app is that the ten frame is not filled properly in my eyes.  I always have kids fill the top row first in order to build a number’s relationship to 10 AND to 5.  In this app the frames are filled randomly.  Which later is fine because you want kids to be able to know it is 6 no matter how it is filled, but when first starting I am partial to filling the top row first.

LoveToCount by Pirate Trio+
Price: $3.99
Seller: Next is Great Sp z o.o.
Information: Multiple early numeracy activities, from sequencing, making 10, adding & subtracting, and more.  Fun activities that are well thought out.  I like that you can track your children’s progress (yes, you can have multiple kiddos!).  I don’t like that you can not pick a particular skill to work on (every thing gets scattered throughout) and I can’t seem to find any settings that will allow you to turn off the audio.

Math Easy HD - 10 Steps Learning Game (iPad)
Information: Math Easy has a variety of math games within the one app.  From having kids count the letters in words and find the corresponding number to doing Part-Part-Whole activities with Elephants, each activity has some good math concepts.  As an adult using it, I was bothered by the directions being read EVERY time you go to play the activity (maybe that won’t bother kiddos).  Also, when doing the ordering tasks it does not give children feedback when they place each item, only once everything is put in a place it tells them if they are correct or not.  If they are incorrect it does not give them any hints or suggestions.

Montessori Bead Facts Plus Minus (iPad)
Price: $2.99
Seller: Montessori Tech LLC
Information: Uses the Montessori Beads to help children model addition and subtraction facts.  Children grab the amounts for each piece of the fact and then can bring them together on the bottom bead string to see how the two parts create the whole (for addition).

Numbers League (iPad) (Favorite...AWESOME!!!)
Price: $3.99
Seller: Bent Castle Software, LLC
Information: Not only is this app fun, but it builds some powerful math ideas.  Kids build a team of superheroes and can use the “sum” of their powers to capture villains.

Rocket Solver1  (iPad)
Price: $2.99
Seller: Singapore MathNOW!, LLC
Information: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level in this app.  Activities include “making the next 10,” “number bonds,” “decomposing to add.”  I do not like that there is no way to “exit” the least I haven’t found one.  I just have to go completely out of the app but then when I go back in I have to start all over.

SumsStacker (Favorite)
Price: $1.99
Seller: Carstens Studio Inc.
Information: Fun game to practice getting combinations that add up to a certain amount.  I like the use of dice so that kids who need to could count the dots to help them determine totals.  There are lots of options instead of using the dice, though, and the newest update has added money as an option.

What’s Hiding (Favorite)
Price: $0.99
Seller: Randy Hengst
Information: This app has children count how many dots are shown and then hides some, leaving some exposed.  Children have to use their knowledge of the “whole” amount that was there and the amount left exposed, the “part,” to determine the other “part.”

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  1. Numbers League was a big favorite here when our daughter was younger. I am certain that it helped with her development of basic math skills. She is 10 now, but still quotes the catch phrases of the heroes (and villains)!