Spatial Reasoning

**Prices listed were the prices at the time the app was added to my list.  Note that prices may change at any time.

NEW!  Building with Blocks Lite
Price: FREE 
Seller: Joanne Dodd
Information: If you are looking for a free play app, this is it.  Children can create and build to their hearts content. 

NEW!  Shadow Move (Favorite)  
Price: FREE
Information: This app shows an object and a picture of what you want its shadow to look like.  You have to turn the object until you get its shadow to look like the picture shown.  Very fun app even for adults.
123 Domino+  
Price: FREE
Seller: Alexandre Minard
Information: Three-sided domino makes kids have to reason through their placement of the dominoes to determine if they will be able to match all the way through the puzzle.

Price: FREE
Seller: TTS Group Limited
Information: The goal is to get Bee-Bot to his flower.  However, you have to pre-program Bee-Bot with the correct directions and then watch to see if you programmed it correctly.

Jake’s Never Land Pirate School+
Price: FREE
Seller: Walt Disney
Information: The “school” within this app is pirate school.  The kids fly with pixie dust, play music in a pirate band, and steer ships in the sea.  There is occasional mathematics where kids will hear Jake counting objects, but the child never has to.  In the ‘Map & Spyglass Class’ there is some positional words that help children try to locate objects.

JellyCar 3 Lite+  
Price: FREE
Seller: Walt Disney
Information: Kids, and adults, love JellyCar.  People may think there is no “math” in this app, but the problem solving and spatial skills that kids need to do in order to get their JellyCar to fit where it needs to go develops good problem solving skills and perseverance.

Price: FREE
Seller: Kidimedia
Information: This app has multiple activities including matching, puzzles, mazes, sequencing events, and much more.  Good for early spatial reasoning.

LetsTans 10-in-1
Price: FREE, but to get the Kid Mode it costs $0.99
Seller: Grabarchuk Puzzles, Kft.
Information: I actually did the in-app purchase of the Kids Mode.  The puzzles in the Classic version were too difficult for young learners, but they can progress into them.  I like that it keeps record of how long it took to solve each puzzle.  What I do not like is there are multiple ways a child can “tap out” of this app and into other things.

Monster Physics+
Price: FREE
Seller: Dan Russell-Pinson
Information: This app is for adept users of the iPad.  I will admit it - this game is hard for me!  However, I know that I am “spatial challenged” so this game is a great way for me (even as an adult) to work on getting better at my spatial reasoning.

My First Tangrams - A wood tangram puzzle game for kids (iPad)   (Favorite)
Price: FREE
Seller: Alexandre Minard
Information: This is a favorite of my children.  My daughter loves creating the pictures from the tangram shapes.

Preschool EduKitty+
Price: $1.99
Seller: Cubic Frog Apps
Information: Very customizable for the content (has matching shapes to shadows, finding things that are different, etc.).

Princess Pony Puzzle+  and Trucks Jigsaw Puzzle+
Price: $1.99
Seller: Apps Kids Love-LLC
Information: My kids love these puzzles, it could just be because my daughter loves princesses and my son loves trucks - but it gets them putting puzzles together and developing their spatial reasoning.

Symmetry Shuffle (iPad)
Price: $1.99
Seller: Carstens Studios Inc.
Information: Kids get to slide, flip, and rotate pictures to get it to match up with the other pictures on the screen.

Price: $2.99
Seller: Electronic Arts Inc.
Information: The classic game on your iPad!  I like the feature that you can make the outlines appear for suggested placement of the pieces.  It is a nice scaffold for children to start to learn the best placement.

Tippy Tower  (Favorite)
Price: FREE
Seller: Tiago Loureiro
Information: This game is a lot of fun.  You have to place the pieces on top of each other to reach a certain height, but if your tower tips over you have to start again.

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