**Prices listed were the prices at the time the app was added to my list.  Note that prices may change at any time.

A Day with a Difference  (iPad)
Price: $1.99   
Seller: Matt Robb
Information: This book about Mr. Big and Mr. Small has children do activities throughout the book.  They select things that are bigger, smaller, more, less, longer, shorter, etc.

Count to 10 with a Mouse
Price: $3.99
Seller: Parragon Books, Ltd
Information: Children help a mouse learn to count (up to 10).  This book reads aloud to the child and I like that it highlights the words in red as they are said.  You do have the ability to turn off the read-aloud and read it yourself.

Fancy Nancy: The 100th Day of School
Price: $4.99
Seller: HarperCollins
Information: Fancy Nancy cannot decide what to bring for the 100th Day of School.  This book can be used as a good introduction into a your 100th Day activities.

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed+
Price: $2.99
Seller: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
Information: You can use this classic story to do lots of activities that encourage children to count backwards and connect that to subtracting by one.

My First Numbers Interactive
Price: $0.99
Seller: Joe Scrivens
Information: This book shows each number, says the word, and shows a video of how to write the numeral.  Then it gives the child an opportunity to practice writing the numeral.  However, in the “drawing” screen it does not have a sample of the number they are supposed to be practicing and it does not give them any feedback as to whether or not they are drawing it correctly.

Sweet Worms
Price: FREE...but it says "Free for a limited time"
Seller: Binh Vu
Information: This book has worms that form the shape of each number 1-10 (but the book does not use that amount of worms to make the number, i.e they use 2 worms to make the number 4.) and then shows that amount of apples.  It was free when I downloaded it and I would not download it if I had to pay.  Kids like it, but the math within the book is not that impressive.

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