2nd Graders Using Educreations

Last week I was observing in a 2nd grade classroom that was doing work with a Hundreds Chart.  The teacher did a fabulous activity she called the Number Path Challenge.  The kids could start on any number but they had to find three different paths to the number 38.  The first path had to be using only addition to reach 38, the second path was only subtraction, and the third path was using both addition and subtraction.  As they got to work I asked her if I could record a couple of the kids on my iPad if she saw a good path that a child created.  Using my iPad, I took a picture of the hundreds chart that she gave the kids and then opened the Educreations app.  I used the TEXT feature to add in the text "Path to 38" so that the screen looked like this when they came back to see me:

When they came back to sit with me, I let them pick the color they wanted to draw with and as they started to explain their path, I recorded them.  I had the first child her write her equation that described her path, but the rest of them I just typed it in before I started recording their explanation (but each child did have the equation written on their paper before they came back to see me).  Once I saved the "lesson," I emailed the link to each one to the teacher and then she posted the links on her class website for parents to see what the kids did that day.  Here are the videos:

Path to 38 using only addition

Path to 38 using only subtraction

Path to 38 using addition and subtraction

What are some of your favorite ways to use Educreations??

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