What is OSMO and Why it needs to team up with MathRack

I am a huge proponent of using manipulatives at all ages, but I am also a proponent of integrating technology based manipulatives. So, I am a fan of using both. The world kids live in now, they need that experience with the technology...but there is just something to say about having the real thing in your hands. Recently, I learned about a tool called Osmo for your iPad that lets kids do both. As soon as I watched the video they have on their site, I bought one (but they are backordered until October:( )...it is a very cool concept. The kids have the physical manipulatives, but Osmo lets them interact with the tools through games on the iPad. Amazing!!!  For instance, Osmo comes with a set of Pattern Blocks and the game on the iPad shows the puzzle to make, but the kids make it with the physical manipulatives right in front of the iPad and the iPad recognizes the placement of the shapes and shows when the kids place it correctly.  Who ever created this is a genius!!  

I also think Adrian Treffers is a genius because he came up with the idea for the Rekenrek, also known as a MathRack, Number Rack, and Arithmetic Rack.  The original rekenrek was designed in the Netherlands to help kids develop number sense and strategies for their "basic facts," but I work with the MathRack company who makes this version:
When I saw the video for Osmo, my first thought was how many cool things you could do with the MathRack using the Osmo device.   Here is a video I created of some of my favorite activities to do with kids using the MathRack.  I think Osmo could do a lot of Number Sense building for kids if the next game they create is using the MathRack...what do you think?


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  2. Any luck getting Osmo to team up with math rack? I LOVE the idea!!!!

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